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From : poyart@io.rdc.puc-rio.br (Eduardo Poyart)

The present FAQ list describes the X3 synthesizer.

Thanks for Adam Mirowsky (mir@chorus.fr) for allowing to use his sy-list FAQ as a template. For any addition to this FAQ (such as filling fields with "???"), mail me (Eduardo Poyart, poyart@rdc.puc-rio.br) to tell me your suggestion.

General :

Producer : Korg
Model : X3 (X3R is its rack version)
Release-date : 1993 (month?)
List-price : ???
Street-prince : Brazil : US$ 1700
Used-price : ???

Architecture :

Synthesis-type : Samples ("PCM", Pulse Code Modulation), 340 internal waves
unlimited number with PCM card, subtractive. (What's ai² ?)

Program-arch : A "program" (patch) is composed of 1 or 2 PCM elements.

Sample-res : ?? bits; 44.1 kHz(?); internal ??
bit processing; ?? bit DACs

Keyboard : 61 keys, velocity sensitive,
mono AT, light action.

Voices : 340 multi-samples,
many of which are the loop portion of the complete samples.

Performances : ("Programs")
128 + 8 drum sets in ROM, 200 + 4 drum sets in RAM,
200 + 4 drum sets on RAM card

Multis : ("Combis")
200 on internal RAM,
200 on RAM card

Polyphony : 32 PCM generators.
In program mode : 32 notes for single oscillator program ;
16 notes for dual oscillator program.

Multitimbral : 16 parts

Note-assign : priority to last note, dynamic voice allocation.
A program can be polyphonic, monophonic or drum kit.
Monophonic mode does not have portamento.

Filters : time-variant ; 1 LPF ?? dB/octave per oscillator
no resonance.

LFO : One pitch LFO, one amplitude LFO
and one filter LFO for each oscillator.

Envelopes : Attack time, attack level, decay time, break point, slope time,
sustain level, release time for amplitude and filter of each of 2 PCM oscillators
Start level, attack time, attack level, decay time, release level for pitch (shared by the 2 oscillators with adjustable bias)
Envelopes can be controlled by velocity and keyboard tracking.

Drum-sounds : ?? samples. One General MIDI compatible ROM kit,
seven alternative ROM kits
four programmable RAM kits.

Effects : 2 stereo programmable effect processors
47 types of effects assignable for each. Real-time controllable.
1 type of serial and 3 types of parallel routings.

Sequencer :
(X3 only ? )
Tracks : 16 tracks
Songs : 10, chainable
Simult-notes : 32 oscillators through dynamic voice allocation
Capacity : 32 000 events.
Modes : real-time (overwrite or overdub), step, auto and manual
punch-in, loop; records on one or many tracks/channels at
a time; event edit; control change generator; real-time or
track/measure quantization (the latter selectable by event and
with strength and offset parameters).

Resolution : 1/48th or 1/96th of a quarter note. More time signatures with 1/48 resolution.

Patterns : 99. Can be copied or put (linked) to tracks, and copied from tracks.

X3r L,R,1,2
Audio-outputs :

a stereo pair (X3r : ? ), phones.

Ext-storage : RAM or ROM voice cards (64 Kb ?)
ROM waveform (PCM) card (? Kb)
3.5" DD, MSDOS-compatible drive

Card-slots : 1 for parameter data, 1 for waveforms (PCM)

MIDI-support : X3r : complete (?)

Display : LCD backlighted : 2x16 text area, numeric 3-digit display, many status indicators; no LEDs.

Int-controls : keyboard
stick: pitch (left/right, center detent, ??? bits) and modulation (up/down, center detent, programmable) (X3r: none of the above
data entry pot (can control effect in patch/combi mode)

Ext-controls : Foot controller (can be a switch or a continuous controller)
Damper (sustain) pedal, MIDI in/out/thru.

Weight : ???

Dimensions : ???

Accessories : One diskette with factory defaults and song examples.
Power cable. Getting Started and Operating Manual.

Back-door : To erase all memory, turn power on while pressing CursorDown and Enter.
Pressing the Seq and the '8' key will delete all songs

Pos-comments : Very good sequencer.
Very good effect processors.
Good synth-action keyboard.

Neg-comments : No resonance filters. Some multisamples are not very good.