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Well the advantages so far that I have found :

  • The disk drive makes a BIG difference. I have had synths and having a disk drive is a MUST!
  • The disk format is standard IBM 720K - which means you can save patches on disk and then upload them easily on the net by simply sending the files as aposed to the old days of getting a sysex program to capture the bulk dumps.
  • The X3 actually reads in standard .mid files - which means you can take all the mid files from your ibm and instantly port them to the x3 - using it's sequencer.
  • The X3 seems very well suited for house/trance. Check out it's drums and the effects built in. I have even managed to make 'wah' pedal sounds with the effects processor. :)
  • The unit is hightly tweekable in the sounds field - and if you really want to you can mondo patch up to 8 seperate patches together in the combo stage. (a bit overkill I think but what the hey.)
  • You get a virtual ton of patches to start with. Even if they dont give you the 6 disks of patches that was given as a promo - 5 of the disks are on the net and I have the 6th disk (which is a librarian for the mac for x3) plus there are other patches on the net to grab. Making you start off with litterly 1000+ patches. :) You will also pick up several cool songs to show you what the x3 can do. (like t:42 for your case.)

Disavantages ? Havent found any yet. :)

No major bugs in the unit and there is only one rom level right now (korg hasent needed to make a rom upgrade which is always a good sign.)

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